Did you work so hard to get where you are
only to find yourself burnt out and miserable?
 I was ready to hand over the keys to my clinic and give it all up.
I was overworked, my health and relationships were suffering, I had horrible mom-guilt, and had no passion for the career I had dreamed of since I was a child. 

All of that changed after I decided to invest in myself and seek help from my life and business coach, Simply Kerry.
She helped me find balance and bring joy back into all areas of my life. I am not only loving my work again, but excelling in it and teaching other veterinarians how to do the same. I am working less and making more.

My relationships are strong, I am doing things I enjoy, I get more time with family, I am healthy, and I am following a new calling - to help veterinarians all over the world who feel like I did.
Watch this video to learn more about Simply Kerry
Hear about Dr. Jane Mohr’s experience with
working with Dr. Becky and Simply Kerry 

I have teamed up with my coach, Kerry Geocaris, to help vets get the same results I did.  The Simply Kerry program is effective and easy to implement into your busy life. The concepts and tools focus on neuroelevation - blending science with your own spiritual path to rewire and rebuild the brain. Your brain is your control center and when we understand our conditioning and make-up, we can easily move through blocks and make lasting changes. 

Kerry and her team teach through transparency which is what drew me to their program. I wanted to work with someone who has been there and who had the knowledge and experience to help me understand why I struggled and equip me with the tools I needed to get out.

I use the tools daily and the results keep showing up personally, professionally, and have rippled onto others in my life. 

I want these results to ripple through the Veterinary community so I am teaming up with Kerry to help this happen. 
This is for you if: 
>> You are struggling with burn out
>> You feel like you want to give it all up
>> You are stressed and anxious
>> You suffer from parent guilt
>> You struggle with judgment and criticism
>> Your relationships are struggling
>> You feel like work and home life are negative and stressful
>> You struggle with basic self-care
>> You don’t have fun
>> You don’t have time 
>> You feel like all you do is work
>> You wonder what the future holds

This is also for you if you are ready for:

>> Balance in your life
>> Less work and more abundance
>> More fun
>> Stronger relationships 
>> Tools to handle stressors
>> Tools to deal with criticism and judgment
>> More time for yourself
>> Health and happiness
>> Adventure and to feel alive
>> Time with family and friends
>> A happy and positive workplace 
>> Connections and community to support you
>> Guidance to break down blocks and achieve what you desire 

The best place to figure out if this is for you is to start with taking Kerry's assessment. After you complete it, Kerry will send you a personalized video with what she can do for you and the coaching options available. The assessment alone will help you set the foundation for your next step.